Discovering the Human in “mensch. human.”

What it means to flee from persecution, hunger, death and suffering is hard for many to imagine. That is why it is so important to tell and get told about it. The short film “mensch.human.” tries to approach these experiences between suffering, being and hoping in conversations. As one of four film projects, it was created within three months in collaboration with refugees* from Brück in Brandenburg and German participants. The Stiftung Partnerschaft mit Afrika e.V. (Partnership with Africa Foundation) launched the overall project “Tell me who you were – and who you will be” with the financial support of the Brandenburg Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family (MASFG) and the Bündnis Brandenburg. From October to December 2016, four teams with Syrian, Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian refugees worked together with participants* from Germany and student project leaders*. Together they conceived, shot and edited four short films. The content and design was entirely in the hands of the individual groups. In the end, it was not only the films that created encounters between the viewers* and the speakers*, but also the project itself: The close cooperation deepened mutual understanding, friendships developed and mutual fears of contact could be overcome. Under the direction of Julia Baumann, “mensch. human.” set itself the task of capturing the many different stories that lie behind an encounter, behind flight and arrival, and in spite of everything to tell just one story: The story of being human (more information:,


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