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Call for Contributions: Encounter

The multilingual media project Encounter (blog and magazine) is accepting contributions!


For our new blog and magazine Encounter/Begegnung/رویارو/ملتقى we are looking for


Articles, essays, poems, photo projects, film projects, podcasts, soundscapes, graphic novels, illustrations…


The blog will be launched in December 2017 ( The magazine’s first print issue will be published in Summer 2018 and distributed in the streets of Berlin through a flash mob. Both blog and magazine will be published in English, German, Arabic and Farsi. All contributions can be submitted in any of these four languages.


We are interested in exploring where and how encounters between people take place in a city like Berlin and whether individual or collective exchange is possible at all. Who meets whom and where? How do we face each other? What do we perceive? Do encounters actually take place? Which role do language, outer appearance and cultural codes play in these encounters? Which prejudices exist? Which processes of social, cultural, gender specific or religious exclusion are there? Where do newcomers feel accepted and where don’t they? Where do long-time residents feel threatened and where do they feel enriched? What does “integration” actually mean?


Encounter is a media project by Engaged Anthropology – a growing network of social anthropologists and students of Berlin universities, together with artists, activists and journalists from various countries. Together we develop contributions on socially relevant questions around the issue of “encounter”, which we address from various angles. Dialogue, exchange and respect for the other’s opinion are the cornerstones of the project. We want to counter prejudices and generalizations in the current debates on migration.


Our focus is on contributions that are created in a dialogical process. We are looking for content, which reflects different perspectives/voices and which may also address the collaborative work process itself as a form of encounter.


We are looking forward to receiving your contributions!

You can submit anytime for the blog and until February 15th 2018 for the magazine.


Encounter is a project of the Mauerpark Institute. It is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.



Depending on the language of your contribution, please contact the following editors:


English: Sarah Fichtner & Judith Albrecht           

German: Sarah Fichtner & Judith Albrecht         

Arabic: Lilas al Loulou                                            

Farsi: Sadaf Farhani                                                

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