Encounter Magazine Launch on the 20th of October

The big day is almost here! We are happy to announce the launching of the Encounter Magazine!! To celebrate this special occasion we are having an equally special plan: First we invite you to join us in our flash mob to start off the event and get attention for our cause. Therefore we will split up into teams to distribute the magazine throughout Berlin. Afterwards you are welcome to take

Tehran vs. Berlin

Tehran, the capital of Iran, home to the one of the oldest civilizations with a population of 13 million. Berlin, the capital of Germany, with a rich and storied history and population of 3.5 million.                                    Tehran                                                                                 Berlin These two cities have vastly different cultures, religions, topography, and landscapes. During my time spent living in both as an Iranian-born photographer, these cities have revealed unlikely

Berlin as a person – People imagining their city as a Person

In November 2016 I spent one short week in Berlin. I went to visit friends and explore Berlin’s realities. Building my traveling and city experiences in mostly southern European destination, the low sky and fairly empty spaces of Berlin stroke me. I wanted to grasp Berlin’s character. During my stay, I spoke to several people; I asked them to imagine Berlin as if it were a person; who would it

Encounter Blog Lauch 14/04/2018

We launched!

On April 14, 2018, the encounter project invited to the Lichtburgforum at Gesundbrunnen to celebrate the many small and large steps that it has already made. Virtual encounters and likes on Facebook turned into connections in real life (see picture gallery of the encounters of the night). Ideas for new contributions and co-operations were created, which we look forward to receive (send to contact-english@encounter-

On The Bench

Run, Ahmed, run! You’re late for your German course. Six goddamn minutes until the next train? What will I tell this new teacher? I need to convince her I am the best student. She could now make an impression that I am just another lazy ‘migrant’. How do you say excuse my being late in German? Ouf! The class is closed. There is no course today. Fuck me, how could

Safe cities: Film and Reflection

Safe Cities “The film “Safe Cities” deals with three people, who were unknown to each other and who came to Berlin because of different reasons, from different places and through different ways. The film shows one Turkish, one Mexican, one Syrian person engaging in a conversation that ponders on different dimensions of migration, access to the host society and the social and emotional baggage that is implied in such experiences.

My Berlin: (be-)longing

This collaborative article was written in spring 2016 and can thus be seen as a ‘record of encounters’ after the arrival of a large number of refugees in Berlin. What encounters do you recall? And how have they shaped ‘your’ Berlin? Sarah Fichtner in collaboration with Hussam Tumma Al-Saadi, Rawaa Azizi, Alaa Ali, Sarah Hartmann. Illustrations Alvaro Martinez