Save the Date

Finally, the time has come! We are happy to announce that a date has been set for the Book Launch of our book “What happens when we meet”, which was written last spring. We may return to the Stadtbibliothek Tempelhof-Schöneberg, at Hauptstraße 40, for the reading and book launch on December 6 at 6 pm and celebrate together the project “Medienwekstatt Encounters” and its results. The book itself is an exciting

YouTube Premiere of “Encounter in Motion – the Stop Motion Film”

In the stop motion workshop “Encounter in Motion”, 11 people came together to learn and practice stop motion and animation principles. They experimented with different techniques, studied the work of other animation artists and developed a final collaborative project. Now we would like to share the results with you! Medienwerkstatt Encounters invites you to our online YouTube premiere of “Encounter in Motion”. Join us and get inspired! Here is the

Wish card for the end of the year

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” Albert Schweitzer This inner flame was kindled by you. Therefore the Encounter media workshop is thanking all of you, who have actively worked and supported us this year, read and followed our media.

The virtual photo exhibition „Stories of Womxn and Leadership“ opens its doors

On Saturday, 5 December 2020, the vernissage of the photo exhibition „Stories of Womxn and Leadership“ took place online. Medienwerkstatt Encounters invites you to view the images online in a virtual 3D exhibition space under the following link: The exhibition consists of 12 projects that were created during a Medienwerkstatt Encounters photography workshop led by Ina Schebler and Luiza Folegatti. Each project was developed by participants of the workshop. Together,

Vernissage Photo Exhibition: Stories of womxn and leadership

Over the course of four meetings, 12 womxn came together to learn and discuss about womxn leadership through photography and to develop their personal photo projects. They experimented with different techniques, studied the work of other female photographers and supported each other in developing stories that they wanted to turn into pictures. Now we share the results with you! Due to the pandemic, the exhibition opening will take place online via

Encounters Participation Puzzle on the Berlin Democracy Day

On September 15th, 2020 we took part in the Berlin Democracy Day by staging the interactive Encounters Participation Puzzle. In front of the Mittelpunktbibliothek library in Schöneberg, we invited passer-bys to participate by asking them: what does participation mean to you? give one example where participation is lacking; where you would like to participate more? name one example where participation is possible; where do you enjoy participation? Here are some

Encounters Participation Puzzle

By Encounters media workshop / Medienwerkstatt Encounters –An initiative of the public library Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Freie Universität Berlin and Mauerpark Institut e.V. The Encounters media workshop focuses on encounters: encounters between different life experiences, languages, generations, genders, cultures, disciplines. Multilingualism, diversity of perspectives, critical thinking and creative expression are the basis of our work. In various workshops and events at the different locations of the public libraries of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, we bring people together and promote the public library

Urban gardening in the library gardens Marienfelde and Tempelhof: Mini-workshop

Garden enthusiasts, listen up: Did you know that there is a garden in your local library? Discover it with us, start gardening with us and let your ideas flourish! The first urban gardening workshop of the Encounters media workshop was originally planned for April 2020, in the library gardens Marienfelde and Tempelhof. But then the lock-down happened, and the libraries were temporarily closed. A few passionate hobby gardeners began to

Gardening community: alone and yet together!

In April 2020 the first urban gardening workshop of the Encounters media workshop was to take place in the library gardens Marienfelde and Tempelhof. Since the gardening community can neither meet right now to make plans for the new community gardens, nor to dig in the ground and plant beds, we invite everyone to start sowing on the windowsill, the balcony or the terrace. Experiments are allowed – if you

Distribution flash mob and celebration of our Encounter magazine N° 2

Photos by Luiza Folegatti Some impressions by Nadine Krüger After another year of wholehearted work accompanied by exciting workshops, devoted individuals and so many beautiful encounters we are beyond excitement to bring all this together in the second edition of our Encounter Magazine. On February 1st 2020 we once again came together to spread the word and distribute the merging of our collective endeavor all over Berlin. This day, filled

Encounters media workshop: The new magazine is here!

The big day is almost here! We are happy to announce the second edition of the Encounter Magazine! To celebrate this special occasion, we have an equally special plan: Immediately after the kick-off on Saturday, February 1st 2020 | at 13 h | Thomas-Dehler–Bibliothek, Martin-Luther-Str. 77 we invite you to join us in our distribution flash mob to get attention for our cause. We will split up into teams and distribute the magazine between 14-18:30h all over Berlin. Last time it looked like this: For this distribution flash mob

Vernissage Photo Exhibition: Women tell stories through photography

Over the course of a two months photo workshop, a group of 15 women have come together to discuss photography and developed their personal photo projects. They experimented different techniques, studied the work from women photographers around the world and supported each other in the process of carving narratives for image making. Now, we would love to share them with you! Come by the Bezirkszentralbibliothek in the Eva-Maria-Buch-Haus on November 1st for

Encounters at the Library Bus. Lesbian Gay Street Festival 2019 in Schöneberg

Europe’s biggest Lesbian Gay Street Festival took place in 2019 in Berlin under the motto „Together against right-wing Extremism“  (Gemeinsam gegen Rechts) as a celebration of love and against discrimination and racism. It was a good opportunity for us to present our new Library Buswith its media diversity. The Library Bus addressed this slogan as it offered a protected space for discussions and encounters and, adjusted to the environmental zones,

Encounter: our magazine

2018 has been so special to us! First we created our blog. Then, on October 20th 2018 the first edition of our encounter magazine was born. We spread the fruits of 2 years of work all over Berlin, distributing 1800 copies of the magazine in personal encounters in just one day, involving 16 team members and 60 volunteers. We celebrated with our musical friends: Sadek Democratoz, Adeeb Hadi, Sol Tight

Encounter Magazine Launch on the 20th of October

The big day is almost here! We are happy to announce the launching of the Encounter Magazine!! To celebrate this special occasion we are having an equally special plan: First we invite you to join us in our flash mob to start off the event and get attention for our cause. Therefore we will split up into teams to distribute the magazine throughout Berlin. Afterwards you are welcome to take

Encounter Blog Lauch 14/04/2018

We launched!

On April 14, 2018, the encounter project invited to the Lichtburgforum at Gesundbrunnen to celebrate the many small and large steps that it has already made. Virtual encounters and likes on Facebook turned into connections in real life (see picture gallery of the encounters of the night). Ideas for new contributions and co-operations were created, which we look forward to receive (send to contact-english@encounter-