Picturing Encounters 2020 Art Show

The vernissage of our exhibition ‘Picturing Encounters’ took place on September 17th 2020. It was a pleasant evening during which visitors were able to enjoy the works of our artists.

The works presented are the result of a 3-weeklong intense collaborative process, during which storytellers and illustrators worked together to create an illustrated story. In the exhibition you will be able to appreciate the illustrations, read the stories and hear the stories told in the storytellers’ own voice. In short, it’s definitely worth a visit!

A special thanks and congratulations goes out to all the workshop participants.

Storytellers: Tabea Magura, Thomas Klein, Judith Ahues, Judith Albrecht
Illustrators: Marco Klein, Eric Fu-Tso Juan, Tahmine Ranjbar Soleymani, Evelin Piñeros

We invite you to visit the exhibition at the following address:

Bezirkszentralbibliothek in Eva-Maria-Buch-Haus
Götzstraße 8-12
12099 Berlin

Monday to Thursday from 12-19h
Friday from 10-16h
Saturday from 10-14h

We are very grateful for the support of the Eva-Maria-Buch-Haus library and its friendly staff.

The exhibition will remain at its current location until mid-November, after which it will move to Mittelpunktbibliothek Schöneberg.