The virtual photo exhibition „Stories of Womxn and Leadership“ opens its doors

On Saturday, 5 December 2020, the vernissage of the photo exhibition „Stories of Womxn and Leadership“ took place online. Medienwerkstatt Encounters invites you to view the images online in a virtual 3D exhibition space under the following link:

The exhibition consists of 12 projects that were created during a Medienwerkstatt Encounters photography workshop led by Ina Schebler and Luiza Folegatti. Each project was developed by participants of the workshop. Together, the projects provide an inspiring and emotional insight into personal reflections on different facets of (female) leadership. In their works, which include self-portraits, interviews, biographical stories, the photographers take a critical look at their own family, personal background, prejudices, and the topic of womanhood itself.

One visitor‘s account:

The vernissage took place on an online platform and captivated its international audience, which had joined the event not only from Germany, but also from countries like Turkey and Brazil. The stories told by the photographers and their project partners were touching in their emotional depth and poignancy. The photographers managed to create a space of encounter spanning across different cultures, languages and generations.”