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On our blog and magazine Encounter/Begegnung/ملتقى/رویارو we publish articles, essays, poems, photo projects, film projects (especially within our webseries “kiezstories“), podcasts, soundscapes, graphic novels, illustrations and much more. All contributions on our blog and magazine will be published in English, German, Arabic and Farsi and can be submitted in one of these four languages. And currently also in Turkish! 🙂

We are interested in the subject of encounter as content but also as a mode of operation. That is why we prefer dialogical contributions or contributions elaborated collaboratively. This means a text written by several authors, a collaboration of a storyteller and an illustrator or a film project from different perspectives.

We would like to explore where and how encounters between people take place in a city like Berlin (or elsewhere) and how an individual or collective exchange is possible. Who meets whom and where? Which role do public institutions like libraries or adult education centres (Volkshochschulen) play in order to make encounters happen? How do we meet? Do we meet? What is being perceived? Which role do language, outer appearance and cultural codes play? Which prejudices exist? Which processes of social, cultural, gender specific, linguistic and religious exclusion are there? Where do newcomers feel accepted and where don’t they? Where do long-time residents feel threatened and where do they feel enriched? What does “integration” actually mean?

The Encounters media workshops is an initiative of the public library Tempelhof-Schöneberg together with the Freie Universität Berlin and the Mauerpark Institut e.V. It emerged from the network Encounter – a growing group of social anthropologists and students of Berlin universities, together with artists and media professionals from various countries. Together we develop contributions on socially relevant topics about the issue of encounter. Dialogue, exchange and respect for the other’s opinion are the cornerstones of the project. We are convinced that through encounters it is possible to understand diversity and also to stand and negotiate dissents.

We are looking for contents that reflect different voices and that may also address the collaborative process itself as a form of encounter.

Texts shouldn’t be longer than one page (1800 signs incl. spaces).

Films and podcasts should have a maximum length of 7 minutes including credits and a maximum size of 1024 MB.

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