Best Encounters: October 2020

Müge: When you start living in a new place, sometimes people suddenly demonstrate to you the fluidity of belonging. You then recognize that you can also belong somewhere through common past experiences, and that sometimes these experiences do not even need to be shared at the exact same time or at the exact same place.  Nazlı: We first met at an event of a migrant women’s organization in Berlin, but we

Best Encounters: August 2020

Tahmine: I met dear Judith during the online workshop for storytellers and illustrators. She was very kind and friendly with me and trusted my work completely. She shared with me a fantastic personal experience that was related to friendship. The general meaning and conclusion that could be drawn from her story was really instructive and meaningful. Her story was about how valuable a friendship can be, how what matters is the relationships

Best Encounters: June 2020

Ogül: I met Ina during the online storytelling workshop given by Pınar Özütemiz. She told me a personal story from her childhood. The story touched my heart, because it was not only funny, but it was also about solidarity and overcoming your fears. I guess I will never forget that encounter. Ina: I met Ogül in a Zoom Breakout Room. We had just a few minutes to each tell the other a story. It is

Best Encounters April 2020: Pınar & Sarah

Sarah: I first met Pınar at the workshop Picturing Encounters for storyteller and illustrators in July 2019 where she moved me to tears with her story of the philosopher’s stone. We discovered that we shared a passion for swing dancing and saw each other at Villa Neukölln, TTMS and Rotbart later that year. While we are now discussing how to organize online storytelling workshops and while I am looking at

Best Encounters – November 2019

Hama: “I first met Iatidal on the street when I was doing vegan activism and we met again by chance last week at another friend’s house. Now we know each other better and closer so I could tell her more about veganism.” Iatidal: “I met Hama at Alexanderplatz. He asked me if I speak Arabic and then proceeded to tell me about animal rights, and why it would be best

Best Encounters: October 2019

Monika: I met Hussam at the “Stammtisch” of Encounters Media Workshops. We talked about the different workshops we had been participating in. Hussam told me that he had been learning German intensively for half a year now, but that his studies at the University in Germany take place in English. With his wife he speaks mainly English, too. We had a chat until the others arrived. It was nice having

Best Encounters: July 2019

Judith, social anthropologist from Berlin: I met Evelin at the “Picturing Encounters”workshop. She is an amazing and sensitive illustrator. I told a very personal story and she dove into it and researched about the time of the Second World War. Now this story about my relative and the relative of my husband is in the world. Thank you, Evelin, what a gift! Evelin, visual artist from Bogota: When Judith was

Best Encounters: May 2019

Best Encounters: May 2019 Valerie and Yujie met at the Medienwerkstatt Encounters kick-off workshop on May 18th, 2019. Did you have a special encounter in June or July 2019 that you would like to share with us? Then send a picture and 2-3 sentences text written by the parties involved to: Valerie: I went to the Medienwerkstatt Encounters kick-off workshop without really knowing what to expect. Still, I had