Best Encounters: May 2019

Valerie and Yujie met at the Medienwerkstatt Encounters kick-off workshop on May 18th, 2019.

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I went to the Medienwerkstatt Encounters kick-off workshop without really knowing what to expect. Still, I had a clear motive in mind: I wanted to meet writers/storytellers who are interested in collaborating with illustrators as I am intrigued by the idea of joining language and images. Even though I am quite shy, I voiced my ideas and was very excited that Yujie came up to me asking more about it. We started to talk about the kinds of drawings we like, the kinds of stories she writes and planned to stay in touch and visit the Medienwerkstatt workshop for writers and illustrators together in June.


In the highly active air of expressing and exchanging ideas, it was natural to find yourself caught in a talk with strangers around, thoughts colliding and synchronizing. A cherished experience.