Best Encounters: August 2020

Illustration by Tahmine Soleymani

Tahmine: I met dear Judith during the online workshop for storytellers and illustrators. She was very kind and friendly with me and trusted my work completely. She shared with me a fantastic personal experience that was related to friendship. The general meaning and conclusion that could be drawn from her story was really instructive and meaningful. Her story was about how valuable a friendship can be, how what matters is the relationships we all form and experience as human beings, and that cultural differences are not the reason for our separation. Participating in this Encounters workshop was a very important event in my professional life.

Judith: It was really nice getting to know Tahmine in the Encounter workshop for storytellers and illustrators in August 2020. She is a very warm person and the same is true for her creativity. I was impressed by her intuitive and emotional illustrations. So far we have only met via text messages and video calls but it was very special for me to have her on board because she brought talent, a different cultural perspective and 100% dedication to the table. I am hoping to meet her in person soon and looking forward to continue working with her.