Best Encounters: July 2019

Judith, social anthropologist from Berlin: I met Evelin at the Picturing Encountersworkshop. She is an amazing and sensitive illustrator. I told a very personal story and she dove into it and researched about the time of the Second World War. Now this story about my relative and the relative of my husband is in the world. Thank you, Evelin, what a gift!

Evelin, visual artist from Bogota: When Judith was telling her story in the “Picturing Encounters” workshop, she described it as a story that connects past, present and future.

A past of war; a present committed to heal the past; and a future as a promise.

I found in her story the variable turns of life; how incredible it can it be.

I am glad, I had the opportunity to portrait her story and to get closer to the reality of the repercussions of the Second World War, making it more real for me.

I knew about the war; I had learned about it in school, but it is a completely different story if someone who was involved directly or indirectly tells you about how it had marked them. And how, afterwards, people are able to heal.


Interested? You can still visit the exhibition of Judith’s and Evelin’s illustrated story among many others on the basement floor of the Bezirkszentralbibliothek Tempelhof, Götzstr. 8/10/12, 12099 Berlin.

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