Best Encounters: October 2020

Müge: When you start living in a new place, sometimes people suddenly demonstrate to you the fluidity of belonging. You then recognize that you can also belong somewhere through common past experiences, and that sometimes these experiences do not even need to be shared at the exact same time or at the exact same place. 

Nazlı: We first met at an event of a migrant women’s organization in Berlin, but we didn’t have the chance to talk much about ourselves. I did not know that she was interested in photography and studying gender. When I learned about the Photography Workshop | Womxn Leadership, I shared it in a WhatsApp group, but no-one wrote me back, I thought nobody was interested.  When we met again in the workshop, she told me that she learned about the workshop from the same group but did not know who had shared it. It was surprising to realize that I was somehow the reason for her participation.  To unknowingly motivate someone for a topic that excites me, to be in a mutual ‘positive loop’, but also to be unaware of it: all these things made me think about other possible ‘positive’ loops in the past or in future that I did not or will not notice.