Encounter in Motion – a Stop Motion Workshop

Have you ever been curious about how animations and stop motions are created? In this 2-day workshop, we will go through the different steps of creating a short stop motion film and will also practice magical techniques of stop motion. We will also work in pairs to collaboratively create a story using the stop motion technique. 

Procedure: The first meeting will take place online on Zoom, where you will learn the techniques and principles of animation. 

The second meeting will take place outdoors. In small groups, you will each develop a short film which will be joined together into one larger movie. 

This movie will be premiered as the group’s joint collaborative work on YouTube. An announcement of the premiere will follow. 

Dates, times, location: 

Saturday, 3 April, online on Zoom from 4 to 7 pm 

Saturday, 10 April, outdoors from 4 to 7 pm
Location will be disclosed during the workshop. Please respect the minimum distance between the participants and wear a medical face mask during the workshop.

Information: • Participation is free • No previous experience necessary • Workshop will be held in English • You need to download and install the Stop Motion Studio application on your device (smart phone or tablet) • Having a tripod or a mobile / tablet holder is preferable 

Workshop hosts: Azam Aghalouy and Hassan Tavakoli 

To register, please send an email by 1 April 2021 to contact-english@encounter-blog.com.