Mehdi Bahmed

La Promenade

Refugee integration, terror attacks and the rise of right-wing populism in Europe are subjects that delineate the fields of concern of this photo series. Here, I am especially concerned with the schism of the “Western” and the “Arab world”. This theme is closely connected to my own biography. My mother is French, my father comes from Algeria.


With my photographs I would like to raise questions without providing explicit answers nor taking sides. My photographs aim to create an alternative space for encounter, reflection and dialogue. In this project, I am particularly interested in the inner world of the protagonists. By this means, I want to provide insight into their world by focusing on their individual stories.

Le Dîner

My photographs are all staged, which consequently, enables me to create more distance and to reflect on the topics more intensely. This way, I can create a kind of fictitious space that stimulates the observer in a different way than documentary photographs do.

La Rencontre

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Medienwerkstatt Encounters invites you to our Facebook Watch Party: “Kiezstories”, focusing on the topic “back to the street”, or: “which impact has Corona made in our neighbourhoods?”

2 groups set out on a search – the result are two short films which portray how places in Berlin have changed since the lockdown.

After the screening there will be an opportunity for a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Die Medienwerkstatt Encounters lädt ein zur Facebook Watch Party: „Kiezstories” mit Fokus auf „Back on the street“, oder: „Welche Spuren hat Corona in unserer Nachbarschaft hinterlassen?“

Wann: 30. Oktober 2020 um 19:30 Uhr

2 Gruppen haben sich auf die Suche begeben - entstanden sind 2 Filme, die erzählen, wie sich Orte in Berlin nach dem Lockdown verändert haben!

Nach dem Screening der Kurzfilme gibt es die Möglichkeit, Fragen zu stellen und mit den Filmemacher*innen ins Gespräch zu kommen.

Holler Box