Gardening community: alone and yet together!

In April 2020 the first urban gardening workshop of the Encounters media workshop was to take place in the library gardens Marienfelde and Tempelhof.

Since the gardening community can neither meet right now to make plans for the new community gardens, nor to dig in the ground and plant beds, we invite everyone to start sowing on the windowsill, the balcony or the terrace.

Experiments are allowed – if you don’t have any commercially available seeds at hand (for flowers, herbs, vegetables), look through your pantry and put beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds or an old potato in the soil. Together we watch on the blog and in the social media of the Encounters media workshop how the green begins to sprout:

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As soon as the regulations allow for it, we carry the plants into the library gardens, create a diverse bed there and celebrate the community face-to-face.

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A project by Encounters media workshop together with soulgardenberlin