A Kiezstory by Georgios Kechagias, Idil Deniz Sakar & Encounters media workshop. Berlin 2020

Geknüpft (knotted) is a short film about Hamid and his Gallerie Schiras, an Iranian carpet shop close to Wittenbergplatz. Hamid, a migrant of Azerbaijani ethnicity who was born and raised in the carpet city of Tabriz in Iran, tells us how he grew up between carpet-making, music and traditional storytelling. The film focuses not only on his days in Tabriz, but also on his journey to Berlin and on the regular community events that take place at his beautiful carpet shop, where people from all backgrounds come together every month to tell stories and listen to music.

The Kiezstory is an extract of a feature-length film by Georgios Kechagias.