How can I tell stories to my children interactively?

A live online storytelling workshop series with Pinar Özütemiz

Storytelling is serious fun. 

There are plenty of good stories in your library, and you could just enjoy reading them with or to your children. But don’t you want to do something more? In this workshop, you can explore how to create an interactive storytelling session with your children. 

How can you enter the fictional world of stories?

How can you be a storyteller, without just reading off of the page? 

How can you tell a story with all of your heart. making it a gift to your children?

Participation is free of charge. Workshop language is English. 

14th May 2020, 21:00h – Online Tutorial 1:  Wake up your imagination – How to create a character together

21st May 2020, 21:00h. – Online Tutorial 2: Memorization techniques – Literally telling stories! No reading anymore.  

28th May 2020, 21:00h – Online Tutorial 3: How to use polarities in my story

4th June 2020, 21:00h – Online Tutorial 4: How to use rhythm and repetition in my story

11th June 2020, 21:00 – Online Tutorial 5: How to pick the right stories online or from the library

Join the live workshop series on Zoom by sending an email to:

Alternatively, you can watch the video afterwards here.

Pinar Özütemiz has a degree in storytelling from UdK Berlin 

A workshop by Medienwerkstatt Encounters /Encounters media workshop – an initiative of the public library Tempelhof-Schöneberg. This multi-media community project places the encounter at the center of its workshops and events.