I’ll paint the world the way I like it!

Photo by Franzi Knierim

Children are unpredictable. And we mean it in a positive way. That is also why our purpose to give children an understanding for children’s rights wasn’t entirely achievable. Nevertheless, during the opening celebration of the Mittelpunktbibliothek Schöneberg and, two weeks later, in the context of the Tempelhof-Schöneberg library’s family night, we spent two wonderful afternoons dedicated to painting pictures of so-called “feel-good-places”.

The idea of “feel-good-places” emerged in dialogue with the children who had an average age of 5 years and who told us many different stories about playgrounds and about eating ice cream. And we were quite surprised, and the parents proud, to observe most of the older ones drawing their schools.

The highlight of our evening in the city library was a little boy who walked through the library for us, looking for other children in order to paint together and who, after having said goodbye, turned around once again and asked:

“See you next time?”

Nadja, Merle and Franzi  (Encounters media workshops)