Kiez Stories Film Workshop

Film your own episode of the web series “Kiez Stories“


This workshop addresses anyone interested in filmmaking and/or story telling!

During 5-6 days a professional film crew will assist you in producing a short film about a person, a place or an event in your neighbourhood/your quarter (= your “Kiez”).

Participation is free of charge! Please register until 7th May 2020 via email to:

Your film well be screened as a part of the web series “Kiezstories“ (see


Mittelpunktbibliothek Schöneberg


Hauptstr. 40

10827 Berlin

Dates and times:

THU, 14th May 2020: 11-19:30 h

FRI, 15th May 2020: 11-19:30 h

SAT, 16th May 2020: 10-15:30 h

THU, 21st May 2020: Public holiday, individual/teamwork

FRI, 22nd May 2020: 11-19:30 h

SAT, 23rd May 2020: 10-15:30 h

And there is a public screening MON, 25th May 2020: 19:00-20:00 h

Stadtbibliothek Tempelhof-Schöneberg


Götzstr. 8/10/12

12099 Berlin

Workshop conducted by:

Judith Albrecht, Adeeb Hadi & Christoph Marx (Directing), Lotte Knote & Adeeb Hadi (Camera), Sven Jensen-Brakelman (Sound), Aline Bonvin (Editing)