Kiezstory 10 – The Meaning of Life 

In the workshop The Meaning of Life we looked for connections between philosophical considerations and cinematic artistic implementation. After an introduction to philosophical thought, three groups got together, contemplated important questions of life and started filming. A short film with three chapters was created in the process.


A Kiezstory by Brooj Al-Ammari, İdil Deniz Şakar, Patrycja Komor & Encounters media workshop. Berlin 2021

The film is an expression of our thoughts about the soul, depicting the lightness of the soul with the lightness of the shadow. We wanted to create a constant awareness of the present moment through a slow rhythm of words and deep breaths, as we were inspired by different philosophies, including Sufism. Breath, a leading element in the film, also plays a vital role in numerous theories about the perception of the soul (nafs, meaning breath/soul in Arabic). As mentioned in the book “Sufism: A Beginner’s Guide”, the Sufis are called the “people of the breath” because they constantly live in full awareness of the uniqueness of the soul, in every breath and every moment.

Comenius’ garden 

A Kiezstory by Sarah Fichtner, Lucy Paul, Zoe Paul & Encounters media workshop. Berlin 2021

The short film essay Comenius’ garden takes you on a journey. A journey of experiencing, sensing, and questioning the path of life which is symbolized in the garden architecture of a public garden in Berlin Neukölln and inspired by the Czech philosopher, pedagogue and theologian Johann Amos Comenius (see ). The garden speaks to us. It makes us raise questions that linger inside of us; questions that affect humanity.

Rinse your eyes 

A Kiezstory by Zuzanna Krysta, Tanja Mögerle, S.Mojtaba Parvaneh Jalili, Estelle Reynier & Encounters media workshop. Berlin 2021

Come, take a walk with us. See where these strangers’ shoes take you. How does the ground feel that we walk around on? Who are these people that are leaving traces of their lifeworld behind? Rinse your eyes; life is swimming in the pond of the present. 
The film is about four people with different backgrounds and perspectives on life. About the sense they might sometimes glimpse in it as they walk through the park, looking at their shoes, taking one step after another.

Kiezstories by Medienwerkstatt Encounters

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The Encounters media workshop is a project led by the public library Tempelhof-Schöneberg in cooperation with Mauerpark Institut e.V. and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of Freie Universität Berlin. It is funded by “hochdrei – Changing City Libraries” of Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation).