Kiezstory workshop No. 4: “back on the street”, or: “what impact has Corona had in our neighbourhoods”

This time around, our film workshop “Kiezstories” is looking for participants who are interested in making a 10-minute film with us. This documentary will explore what effects and changes have taken place in our neighbourhoods since the lockdown. The film will be a collage of different neighbourhood experiences. A total of four different teams will each produce two minutes’ worth of film in one neighbourhood. Are all the shops still there? Which ones had to close? Have new places popped up? Have people changed their daily routines? Have new graffiti appeared on the walls? Has Corona left visible marks in the cityscape?

The workshop is directed towards film-makers and first-timers alike. We as Encounters have professional camera people who can assist the groups. At the end of the collaborative process, the film material produced by each group will also be edited by our cutter.

The workshop will take place both online and offline:

The first meeting will be online on 24th August from 7-9pm.

All further dates will be decided upon by the individual project groups and will take place in the first two weeks of September.

Workshop languages: German/English; we can organise translations for Arabic, Farsi and Turkish upon request.

Workshop participation is free of charge. The numbers of participants is limited to 10 persons. Please register until 19th August at: