Judith Albrecht, Germany

Evelin Piñeros Quintana, Colombia

Lino Lukas, 2019
Mixed media

Judith Albrecht

Judith Albrecht works as a social anthropologist and documentary filmmaker in Germany and abroad. For her fieldwork and film projects she spent long periods of time in Iran, Tanzania and Malawi. After the Libyan revolution she started to work with the Libyan women’s movement in Benghazi. The thematic focus of her work is gender and religion, social movements, conflict, violence and memory. As the co-founder of the project groups “Deutsch im Asyl” and “Memos e.V.” she employs diverse approaches in the investigation of social and political upheavals and the impact they have on the life stories and biographies of the people involved. Her recent research project focuses on “Grief, trauma and social justice in Germany”.

Evelin Piñeros Quintana

I am a Colombian artist and illustrator trying to find my way in Berlin. I come from a country where violence and corruption are on the daily order; however, hope has made us strong.
My work revolves around my country, the people who have shaped and taught me, their stories, travels and memories. I also aspire to become an illustrator of children’s books.
The world is made of images and with them we understand the world, so my commitment is to create images that speak of peace, of freedom, so that our thoughts can also practice these values.

Instagram: @medio_evoo
Waa: +57 3507361257