Making of „ Cuddly – Toy Sleepover – The Movie”

Ina Schebler

During an in-house workshop at the Tempelhof Schönebergcity library, employees learned about everything they can do with EncountersMedia Workshop’s photo, video and sound equipment. After an introduction to the basics of photography and filming, and exercises with studio lights and various microphones, the participants developed their own project; a film called “Cuddly-ToySleepover –The Movie”. Over the next day and a half, they collectively produced videos, photos and sound recordings, and learned how to edit them together with Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. Following the workshop, the final cut was assembled by workshop leader Ina Schebler. It will be shown to visitors and children at the “Family night” of the Tempelhof Schöneberg city library (“Theodor-Heuss-Bibliothek”) on 26thSeptember 2020: