For a very, very long time, humanity has been trying to find out what the meaning of life actually is. 

In the workshop, we want to philosophise about this topic and, during that process, gain insights into some of the intellectual approaches of philosophers across different continents and periods in time.

Inspired by encounters with one or more thinkers, a short film will be developed and shot. 

For this, a professional film team will be at their disposal. 

Procedure: The first two meetings will take place online on Zoom. After that, the groups will meet outdoors and develop the film projects. Filming will also take place outdoors. 

Dates, times, location: Thursday 4 and 11 March 2021 from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. online on Zoom. 

Information: • Participation is free of charge • No previous experience necessary • Workshop will be held in German and English 

Workshop hosts: Alexander Deutsch and Judith Albrecht 

To register, please send an email by 2 March 2021 to