Web series “Kiez stories”

The web series “Kiez stories”


The web series “Kiez stories” intends to show the polyphony of Berlin. Possibly you know someone you are fascinated by or whose destiny touched you. Or there might be a place in town that you would like to present. Maybe you feel like telling the founding story of a shop, a bar or a café in your neighbourhood/your quarter (= your “Kiez”). You can submit a short documentary of a story in Berlin.

“Kiez stories” shows short films made both by professionals and amateurs. Please send us your finalized video. Our editorial team views the submissions and will then get in touch with you. Selected videos will be published as an episode of the web series “Kiez stories” on our blog and our social media platforms. In the end of 2019 there will be an official screening of all films. You are of course warmly welcome.

All films will be subtitled in German, English, Arabic and Farsi. Films can be produced in one of these four languages. The filmmakers and the Encounters media workshops will hold the non-commercial rights of use.

Please submit your video via WeTransfer or by sending a link to your video.

Maximum length: 7 minutes (including film credits)

Maximum size: 1024 mb

For any further questions please contact us via: contact-english@encounter-blog.com

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